A contribution for a better understanding of the present so called “spies” conflict

This publication is dedicated to the present occasion of these turbulent relations between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and her followers on the one, as well as the Российская Демократическая Федеративная Республика (Russian Democratic Federative Republic) on the other side.
By means of a metaphysical metaphor created by Vinko Sindičić, personally active in both roles of that historical moment, as a participant as well as the author of this image painted on canvas, for said purpose here below is presented that image depicting the social and political relationships within the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia until October 20th, 1988.

It is a type of a mythological creature resembling a hydra. Contrary to the apparent concordance on the surface of the communistic doctrine, heavy fights beneath in the field of the nationalistic war theatre, assisted by international hegemonic interference of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Bundesrepublik Deutschland (“West Germany”) has been delivered among themselves with irrevocable changes to their own tissue beyond all repairs.
Following this publication composed of multiple sequences it will became completely clear with what miserable proves these states, United Kingdom of Great Britain and her followers, in the first place Federal Republic of Germany and then Republic of Croatia, do manipulates the facts in order to obtain their goals. This has been done in case of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The analogy with present days is more than evident, again applying disgusting lies, all pursuant to the idiom “exitus acta probat”.

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