Hereby we do communicate our announcement regarding the publishing of the book written by Vinko Sindičić. Numerous secret, until now not seen, documents, will be published. This is one of the first, of a series of several books, in which secret correspondence led between Vinko Sindičić and Josip Perković, emerging over a period of about 30 years, will be published.

All books will carry one and the same unique Title.


The books will have different ISBN cum corresponding subheadings.

Other relevant details are published inside the book itself.

The author Vinko Sindičić ceded all rights with regard to the sale of the book to the website:

All profits deriving from the activities regarding the cession will be managed by a non-profit and non-governmental foundation!





ANTE – POST – CHRISTUM NATUM (a.Chr.n – ​​p.Chr.n)

Ante COVID-19

My intention was this historically-literary work, made in my own arrangement, offer for sale at a price of € 299.43 (two hundred and ninety-nine / 43 Euros). That price, as well as the dimensions of the book, has been derived from the parameters regarding my date of birth, i. e. September 29, 1943, amounting therefore to 299.43. This price, among other facts, was justified bacuse of its singular and unique performance, produced by me personally.

Human memory, as well as such derivations from facts, do remind us that historical periods, for one or another reason, although under different names, for the sake of dating, are divided into time epochs. Hereto I will only refer, for the sake of comparing time. To that by human imposed timeline, for the shake of calculating said time separation. Before, and that of after Christ. Depending only on the language which is going to be used to expres it. Among other this is known as a.C. or p.C.

Anno Domini: COVID-19

Then did arive Coronavirus. “Covid-19”.

(“CO“-rona “VI“-rus “D“-isease 20-“19“).

My opinion is, that because of its strong impact on our reality, it will change certain attitudes towards all sorts of “terrestrial” behaviors. We are in the middle of a transition, from a familiar and slowly leaving world, to the completely unknown one. For now, we can only make hypotheses. This painful and harsh reality will be, no doubt, engraved in human memory, as the time before, or after the Corona, i.e. Covid-19!

Post COVID-19

Taking into the account that our life´s habits and standards have changed fundamentally due to this vicious disease, and we do not know what the future holds for us, I decided to change at least one segment of my existence and now adapt to the coming unknown future too. COVID-19 will reduce human social behavior to a kind of civilizational relict.

Therefore, this singular and unique historically-literary work produced hundred percent (100%) by the author himself, in the new era of post COVID-19 will be offered for sale bei the way of a public auction on the website:

with a starting bidprice amounting to the sum of 999,999.00 € (Nine-ninety-and-nine-thousand-Nine-ninety-and-nine Euros).



Regular edition:

In accordance with the announcement in the chapter named “IMPORTANT INFORMATION CUM DEDICATION TO THE USER” on page II. this historically-literary work, due to the numerous individual documents placed one after the other, in one composed unitiy, entitled “Composite Document Number 1”, with the subheadings “Kingdom of Yugoslavia” and “Sven Olof Joachim Palme”, ​​will be printed under this ISBN in a limited edition of only one (1) single copy.

Any other eventual new edition will be printed under other ISBN number.

This singular and unique historically-literary work produced manually hundred percent (100%) by the author himself, will be offered for sale by the way of a public auction on the website:

with a starting auction price amounting to a sum of € 999,999.00 (Nine hundred-ninety- and-nine-thousand-Nine-ninety-and-nine Euros).

“Composite document number 1”, from this edition contingent of one (1) single copy and issued under the ISBN:

  • “978-3-96699-000-4”

cannot be used for any other purpose, i.e., for any evidence purposes, except for pure reading purposes. Only notarized copies could be used as evidence.

Herewith will be fulfiled said publishing quota under the following ISBN number:

  • “978-3-96699-000-4”

This will be considered to have been the regular edition.

Extraordinary edition:

For other purposes, including court evidence, an extraordinary edition is envisaged. For any other purpose, a unique copy will have to be ordered with an indication of the purpose, which will be accompanied by a notarial certification of the correctness and permission to use for purposes as stated therein.

A special edition has to be ordered via the following e-mail:

The price will depend on the given moment and the conditions under which the extraordinary edition will be prepared.

Since this will be an extraordinary edition, ISBN numbers will not be assigned. The ISBN will be replaced by a notarial deed.

The technical processing of the special edition is based on the same parameters like the technical data of the regular edition. The shape and quality will not change; they will remain the same as in the regular edition.


Main features

This historically-literary work, “Croatian Friend Number 1 – Composite Document Number 1”, in the form of a book, will be published in a limited edition amounting to one (1) single copy only. In the entire totality, both materialy-tangible and also spiritualy-intelectual, from the conceptual-craft design, artistic design and to the manual-technical production, it is the exclusive work of the author Vinko Sindičić, created on the following characteristics:

  1. consists of two physical parts:
  1. of the bookform itself,
  2. and its corresponding protective box;
  1. the bookform is made of hard cover, lined in white alcantara;
  1. the textual part of the cover, on its front cover is embroided, a personal creation of the author;
  1. the face of the front cover bears its title:
  1. subtitled:


  • Kingdom of Yugoslavia;
  • Sven Olof Joachim Palme “;
  1. dorsal part bears the title:
  1. the back cover contains one thematic-universal logo, a personal creation by the author;
  1. the product is sewn and additionally glued;
  1. a protective box for said bookshape is lined in red Alcantara;
  1. one personal logo by the author is embroied on both faces of the protective box;
  1. printed on white paper 120gr / m²;
  1. digital color printing;
  1. dimensions of the book are based on the date of birth of the author:
  • September 29, 1943;

This literary work has been produced hundred percentely (100%) manually by the author himself, and will be offered for sale by the way of a public auction on the website:

with a starting price amouting to € 999,999.00 (Nine-ninety-nine) -thousand-Nine-ninety-and-nine Euros).

This written historically-literary work, “COMPOSITE DOCUMENT NUMBER 1”, was created and produced hundred (100%) percentely by my own manually-intellectual-artistic work, therefore, taking into the consideration all my existential dimensions, it has a special value in time and space, marked by my unique knowledge and skills of specific and special actions, in the way of turning the impossible into the possible, like in the past, so as well in transferring the truth to the infinite spaces of time to the future without any limitations.

Therefore, this work, produced hundred (100%) percentely is my own manually-intellectual-artistic work, which I do dedicate to all well-meaning and progressive people, who their knowledge do base on the undistorted facts, all of it for shake of the correct interpretation, of overall events in the past, and also for a positive construction of the complete future, for the benefit of all mankind.

Hereinafter will be refered to, as “COMPOSITE DOCUMENT NUMBER 1”.


This historically-literary work:

With subtitles:

– Kingdom of Yugoslavia
– Sven Olof Joachim Palme“,

With its title on the dorsal part:

Is one hundred percent (100%) material and intellectual work of Vinko Sindičić. Therefore, all kinds of ways:
• copying,

• literal transcription,

• reproduction:
o with known,

o or to us for now unknown techniques,

o as well as by these, which the current state of technique development and technolog for now does yet not know.

• furthermore, any visual-audio or written interpretations, contrary to the spirit and meaning of the author’s intentions, without the author’s consent, will constitute

• violation:
o of copyright and,

o of „Urheberrecht´s“

o and other´s author´s copyrights, whatever their nname may be in other social as well as their legal systems,

are actions against the law, honesty, good tastes, usages and all positive rules and regulations, therefore herewith strictly forbidden!

For any such unauthorized conduct, plagiarism, author or his successors and proxies shall require compensation for damages and lost earnings.

Therefore all legal measures will be taken in order to protect author’s (author in a strict and broader sense) rights, both in a civil as well as in a criminal court, in such a way, as it will mostly appropriate fit the author, his legal successors and proxies at said given moment, with the demand for the settlement of all, not just the court, lawyer, notary, etc. legal expenses, but overall costs incurred, that it to say, any other costs incurred in taking action to protect their overall rights.

By procuring this “Composite Document Number 1”, the above statement will be accepted automatically.