He was born on 29th September 1943 in Stara Baška, on the island of Krk, Croatia. There in his native Stara Baška he absolves an eighth (8) year elementary school.

At the prestigious School for the Hotel Industry in Opatija, at its specialised Department for the Ship’s Hotel Industry, particularly devised for the shipping company Jadrolinija in Rijeka, takes a Diploma as one of the few best.

He quits this naval job and sometimes during March 1964 travels to Italy, in order to marry there, in Tirano, province of Sondrio, an Italian girl. Decide not to marry. Returns home to his native homeland. In order to avoid a two (2) years long compulsory military service by the Yugoslav Popular Army, sometimes during September of 1964, escapes by the seaway, aboard the ship Partizanka, from Zadar to Venice. On 24th December 1964, with an Identity Card of his friend, an Italian Chef from Milan travels to Frankfurt am Main, Federal Republic of Germany.

At the invitation of dr. Branko Jelić, during May of 1965 travels to the enclave of West Berlin, than occupied by the Americans, English and French. Together with Dr Branko Jelić becomes politically engaged, first in Federal Republic of Germany, then worldwide. In addition does write, edits and publish Newspapers, Bulletins, Books, and other types of political propaganda material. From the enclave of West Berlin during October 1968 travels to Stuttgart, where his political activities do go ahead on another level.

Finally in September of 1972, political circumstances do force him to stay in Rijeka, Republic of Croatia, at that time a Federative Entity of SFR Yugoslavia. Sometimes around 1975, Anton Kolendić, a Yugoslav Military Mission Chief in West Berlin writes a book, “Behind a hit”, a true occurrence in West Berlin, depicting him as an important counter Yugoslav communistic political force. Igor Mandić, a kind of a Yugoslav communist reality ideologist, writes the preface to said book.

Afterwards takes two University Degrees: one in Economics and the other one in Foreign Languages. In SFR Yugoslavia becomes highly successful in business, thus a problem for the communistic state-planned economy. During the years of various activities learns to speak eight (8) foreign languages, fife (5) of them perfectly.

In October 1988 travels to United Kingdom of Great Britain and North Ireland, charged with a Croatian State Mission without return. During April/May of 1989 on trumped up evidence and false charges, in the best Stalinist manners, in Dunfermline in Scotland, he was put on a Show trial. There he was sentenced to fifteen (15) years of imprisonment for an attempted murder upon a Croatian émigré Nikola Štedul, an attempt that never ever did occur. A full term, according to the law, of ten (10 years) of this sentence, he has partly served in Her Majesty’s Prison of Edinburgh and then the rest in Her Majesty’s Prison Perth in Scotland.

Meanwhile the British Establishment does make a film about that legendary alleged hit, depicting him wrongly first as Mayor then a Colonel of the Yugoslav State Security Service. There in that Service did not exist military ranks.

In November of 1998 at his own request he was extradited to Croatia to face another invented murder charge for the assassination of Bruno Bušić in Paris in October of 1978. After more than one year of custody imprisonment in Remetinac in Zagreb, he was tried by the District Court Zagreb, and subsequently acquitted of that false charge.