Original intention

The author of the book, entitled “Croatian friend number 1”, subtitled “Composed document number 1”, intended to publish this literary-documentary work in two different versions:

  • The first version, in hard cover fitting, through a publisher, for mass distribution, e
  • The second one as a limited edition version, of only one hundred (100) copies, produced manually by the author himself.

For this second limited edition version, of one hundred (100) copies, produced manually by the author himself, ten (10) copies of the book have been already produced.

After that COVID-19 did arrive, thus causing changes in the previous intentions!


The changes do consist in the reduction of the copies issued, in the categorization and in its sales method:

  • Only one single copy of the book will be issued;
  • The acquisition of the book will be made through a public auction;
  • Under a separate ISBN code:
    • 978-3-96699-000-4.

See the terms of the public auction.

Due to the fact that a single copy will be published, the subsequent preparation of a limited edition of up to one hundred (100) copies, produced manually by the author himself, has been suspended.

Prototype category


These ten (10) copies, by the author himself already manually produced, will be offered for sale as:

  • Prototype category;
  • By simple order via e-mail:
  • Under a separate ISBN code:
    • 978-3-96699-006-6;
  • At a price amounting to:
    • € 299.43 (in words: two hundred ninety-nine / 43 euros) per copy.

Regarding the content itself, there is no difference between the versions of the book in the prototype category, respectively the book published as a single copy.

The version in the prototype category of the book is read-only.

Purchase conditions of the prototype category:

  1. Payment for the version of the prototype category must be made in advance.
  2. Delivery is paid by the customer.
  3. All other information can be obtained via the specified email.

Other rights

The version in the edition of a single original copy, intended for the offer through the public auction, contrary to the version of the book as a prototype category, is equipped with other rights, including the right for mass distribution.