1. The subject of the competition is a book:
  • Title:


  • Subheadings:


  • Kingdom of Yugoslavia
  • Sven Olof Joachim Palme
  • Genre:
  • Literary-documentary work:
  • Author:

Vinko Sindičić.

  1. The right to access the tender have: 
  • All adults regardless of race, nationality, religion, or any other orientation.
  • All minors, regardless of race, nationality, religion or any other orientation, in accordance with the legal standards of the respective countries, or alternatively accompanied by a legal representative.
  1. Price:
  • The starting price is € 999,999.00 (in words: Nine hundred-ninety nine thousand nine hundred-ninety-nine Euros).
  1. Monetary condition:
  • In accordance with the agreement, a monetary amount of 10% (ten percent) of the initial price, i.e., the amount of € 99,999.00 (in words: Ninety-nine-thousand nine hundred-ninety-nine Euros) shall be deposited in account number:
  • IBAN: IT50 N084 4033 4600 0000 0086 423
  • Account holder: Rodriquens M.S.
  1. Acquired rights:
  • A competitor who fills the starting price quota in the amount of € 999,999.00 (in words: Nine hundred-ninety nine thousand nine hundred-ninety-nine Euros) does not acquire the right of ownership over the book itself.
  • It shall be acquired only all available rights to manage the book in any respect, with regard of publishing it in the way of mass distribution.
  1. Royalties:
  • The owner reserves the right to collect twenty percent (20%) of the total amount per copy sold.
  1. Alternative approach:
  • Parallel to the provision in Article 3, to establish, a common fund is permitted. The amount paid must reach ten percent of the initial bid price. The amount of the individually paid amount may not be below the selling price of the book in mass distribution amounting to € 39.90 (in words: thirty-nine / 90 Euros).
  • In that case (if the book has not been acquired by then), further sales through public competition would be suspended and mass publishing would go on.
  • Holders of common fund rights, after the publication of the book, will have the right to a refund of the amounts paid with the obligation to take over into the compensation, i.e. purchasie one copy of the book at the above selling price.
  1. Right of priority of acquired right:
  • The right of priority belongs to the individual buyer.
  • The common fund follows.
  1. Duration of the tender:
  • The competition is open from 05th September 2020 at 0:00, CEST (Central European Summer Time), UTC / GMT +02:00.
  • The competition closes on October 05th, 2020 at 24:00, CEST (Central European Summer Time), UTC / GMT +02:00.