Hereby we do present a book by Vinko Sindicic concerning the topic of closer Croatian-Yugoslav history. The book is written in Croatian language. 

“This written work, Composite Document Number 1, was created and produced in my 100% own manually-intellectual-artistic work, and therefore, given all my existential dimensions, has a special value in time and space, characterized by my unique knowledge and skills of specific and special actions in the art of transforming the impossible into the possible, how in the past, so also transmitting the truth to the endless expanses of space into the future as well.

Therefore, this opus, produced in my own hundred percent intellectually-craftly-manually work, I do dedicate to all well-meaning and progressive persons, who do base their knowledge on undistorted facts, all for the sake of the correct interpretation of the entire past, as also for the positive construction of the whole future for the benefit of all mankind.”

Vinko Sindičić